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Due to the promise of unprecedented election fraud in the 2016 election and the short time frame in which to counter those measures.
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The Differences in Party Policies

California ProLife Council is a non-sectarian and non-partisan organization. That being said, in the current political environment, the stated policies of the two dominant political parties are inescapable.
The Republican Party has a solid pro-life platform, and in addition to protecting the unborn, sees a need to assertively protect the elderly and medically vulnerable.
The Democrat Party is committed to unlimited abortion funded by the government, and to the  voluntary euthanizing of vulnerable patients.

In this important election year, we would be remiss to not point out this clear and bright distinction.

We live in a two-party system.  Because of the swirl of other issues, some mistakenly think a third-party vote is some kind of consolation in a confused world. Please understand that such a vote may be emotionally gratifying temporarily – but would simply empower the policies with which you most strongly disagree.

I was asked to reprint a recent essay on why policy is more important than emotions in opposing evil, and why I personally stand with the Republican party. It appears below,
Commissioner Brian Johnston

Dear Friend of Life,

In this confusing election year, I urge you to ‘cut through the fog’ and wisely search out and support candidates who will bring an end to the cultural madness that ‘choice in killing’ has brought to our nation. Be sure that your family and friends understand the stances of the political parties on this, the most important of issues, and be ready for one of the most significant and exciting election years of our lifetime, and perhaps in all of American history.
Thank you for your support of California ProLife and the National Right to Life team across the nation, your efforts and support are what allow the cause of Life to be heard and remembered in the legislative process.
Yours in Life ,
Brian Johnston,
Chairman, California ProLife Council   www.CaliforniaProLife.org