Homeless Services » Northern California

Homeless Services In Northern California

THE LAZARUS PROJECT Restoring Lives in Our Community PO Box 1241, Roseville CA 95678 Supportive Housing Program http://www.772-6833 or http://www.lazarusprojectinc.org

THE HOPE CENTER Community Transformation; One Life at a Time, 1950 Kitrick Ave. Bldg. A Phone 530-538-8398, http://www.orovillehopecenter.org

SALVATION ARMY, Sacramento, 12th and North B St. 916-442-0331
ST. JOHNS SHELTER, Sacramento, 4410 Power Inn Rd. Call between 10am and 3pm 916-453-1482
UNION GOSPEL MISSION, Sacramento, 400 Bannon St. Men only, 916-447-3268
SACRAMENTO AREA EMERGENCY HOUSING CNTR, 4516 Parker Ave. Family Shelter 916-455-2160
SAFEHAVEN MINISTRIES 1400 North C Street, Sacramento, CA 95811, Go , Tell , Teach and Give. info@safehavensacramento.org http://www.safehavensacrmento.org
LOAVES & FISHES/ FRIENDSHIP PARK, Day Shelter – 12th St & North C, Mon-Fri 7am-2:30pm, MEALS, Medical and Other Services
DENTAL CLINIC, SACRAMENTO 4600 Broadway 8:am-12:30pm 916-874-8300
DIOGENES YOUTH SERVICES 16-21 Age, Hot Line 800-339-7177
WIND YOUTH CENTER 701 Dixieanne Ave. Sacramento, 916-443-8333 Day Center.
WEAVE – Domestic Violence Shelter, 916-920-2952
SACRAMENTO MENTAL HEALTH CNTR, 2150 Stockton Blvd. 916-732-3637
MENTAL HEALTH CLINIC – Sacramento, 1400 N.A. St. Bldng. Housing Referrals 916-443-6972
AIDS HOUSING ALLIANCE, Sacramento 916-979-0897
BREAKING BARRIERS, Aids/HIV Housing and Services Sacramento, 916-447-2437
VETERANS OUTREACH, Sacramento 916-364-6547
HOMEWARD STREET JOURNAL – Sacramento Homeless Organizing Committee, 1321 North C Street, P.O. Box 952, Sacramento, CA 95812 (916) 442-2156 http://homeward.wikispaces.com/